New phone!

Yeah! BH got me a new phone! ;p It’s a LG INCITE ( dunno if they have this in S’pore) According to my sister, it’s called LG Secret in S’pore..

anyway, here’s my phone!

Well, the main reason y i got this phone, instead of other phones (such as iphone) is because it has a dual clock function! which i thot is sooooo cool! (anyway, this phone was also on 1/2 price, 99USD which is way cheaper than iphone, 199USD)

anyway, BH thot that i’ll get an iphone… so he already bought me an iphone cover… now the cover is sitting at home catching dust.. haha.. who’ll wants an iphone cover, let me know, i’ll ‘reserve’ it for u ;p

BIG announcement: I am contactable anytime anywhere from now onwards with my phone!!! I am using an unlimited data plan.. means I can access my email anytime anywhere!!! juz email me!!!

I took some pics on the way to the Seattle Premium Outlets..

The pic on theĀ  left shows the long freeway we got to take to the outlet mall.. the outlet malls are located quite far.. near Vancouver… and they are MORE chinese shopping than Angmos.. haha.. weird right? outlet malls are not like our sg warehse sale! my surprise, they are retail shops, juz tt the things are much cheaper!

the pic at the bottom shows cute doggies waiting for their owner at the carpark.. ;p

Have a good day to all!

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