Happy Birthday BH!

On this day, many years ago.. a baby was born.. wahaha.. Do u belief that God paired you with your mate the moment you are born? heh… since BH is older than me.. he’s been waiting for me for so long… WOW!! ;p

So I am definitely his BEST present ( be it birthday, x’mas etc..) hehehe..

Along side with how bz I was ysterday, I made a cheesecake and it turned out good.. ( not sure how it taste) :X BH havent seen this yet!!!

I just deco the cake – very sloppily simply and in 10 mins… erm.. I’m busy!!

I know he will love it!!

ohh… y Birdnest Head??? Here’s the evidence

you see.. he’s asking for it… ” More please” > He wants ” More HELL!!” haha

Now… he’s no longer Birdnest Head la.. haha…  Handsome boy… peak of his life .. can’t get any better already 🙂

Thank God for giving me such a wonderful man to scold love, care and share my life with 🙂

Happy Birthday to my best friend, house mate, baking assistant and the list goes on……..and of course…. HUSBAND!!!

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