The element of surprise

This is a snapshot of my FB page

Haha.. BH proclaim to the ‘world’ that I’ll be having a surprise…. So… let me reveal… what’s the surprise……..

Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale.. erm.. i knda knew it.. that’s probably the only place he knows to get cupcakes.. or cakes that I like? I was kinda touched that he drove to the shop to get it – it wasn’t even on the way!

Then I was presented with the little blue box… and I was ‘AGAIN!!!!’ man… 1 shop fits ALL… all occasions…. it’s just a convenient place to get gifts lor… and he was like ” the sales lady already suggested what I can get for anniversary! ” haha… erm… ok..

anyway, I’m quite happy but thought that he shouldn’t have spent the $ then again… I wanna savour the moment… coz… 20 years down the road.. he might not even take the effort to shop for my present or even give me a pair of earrings…

or rather.. next year.. if my leave doesn’t go thru’ we might not even be spending my or our birthdays together..

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