Review: Nishino

Dinning out is a luxury for us ever since we began saving money in FULL force.. but we make it a point to try something really really good once a mth…

So we purposely dressed up. Here’s a pic  of  me in my new dress – erm.. do I look pregnant??? I am not!!

Anyway, this month is extra special.. haha.. it’s OUR birthday month! I seriosuly miss Japanese food…so BH and I decided to try Nishino. We were only able to make reservations for 8pm which is too late for us… so the next available timing was 5.15pm .. wah.. this place is popular man!

So we took the 5.15pm reservation and had a kinda early dinner ( wasn’t too early as I was hungry already? haha) Parking space was limited.. we parked along the road up a hill

Ambience was great! Shortly after we were seated, a group of Japanese ladies came.. they were wearing Kimonos! How interesting! 😀

Here’s what we ordered

There’s this ‘Dine around Seattle’ promo where you can choose 3 courses ( appetizers, entree, dessert) for $30! I tried the pronmo while BH ordered a grill squid.. man.. the squid was huge!!! and it’s delicious!!

My appetizer was crab cakes! I love crab cakes!! 😀 the crab meat was so juicy and tasted really good! My main course is a plate of sushi ( abt 11 rolls) and very filling. The wasabi is super powerful.. ate till my tears flowed down.. haha.. the sashimi were very fresh!! love it!! Dessert was abit disapting.. the Red Berry cake was soooooo sour!! and it’s supposed to be from Hiroki Maybe I shld have taken the Green tea tiramisu cake!

We also ordered a special seattle cocktail – not worth mentioning.. it tasted like medicine.. haha..

Service at Nishino was fantastic! BH requested for white rice and it was complimentary! I have complementary miso soup too! haha.. then again, BH gave more tips coz of the complimentary items

Total cost: US$80 w tips

We’ll probably go back there again 🙂

Last but not least……

BH forgot his age and thought he’s 30!! this shows how ridiculously forgetful he is!!!! geeeez…

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