Snowboarding Day 3 – GRAD DAY!

On the first day of Spring ( March 20) , BH and I went for our final beginner snowboard lesson ( oxymoron?) haha.. the weather was superb.. it was bright and sunny!

we were expecting a crowd at the ski area BUT it was so empty! haha… which is good.. coz we did at least 15 runs! and there was NO line at the chairlift!! nice!!


BH and I don’t even need to share a chairlift – see the pic of me on the lift? heh.. my mum wld freak if she sees it :X

YayI can do 1 complete run ( easy one la) w/o falling most of the time! and I can control my speed and direction! quite proud with my achievements!

BUT I still can’t come out of the chairlift w/o falling 🙁 BH can lor… soooooooo… the instructor was very nice.. hahaha… quite cute can….

 He ride with me and………

caught me when I fall!! heh… I almost made him “fall” on me! haha.. if only it is ‘for’ me lor…wahahaha… This instructor is super good.. He even helped me to tie my boot’s laces coz it came loose!!! :O I feel like a princess!!

I had alot of difficulty trying to master the toe side turn, so he held my hand and I kinda snowboarded with him 😀 cool!!!

Some interesting things we saw….

haha… that’s all! Looking forward to the next season!!!

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