Heavy Snow!

wah…woke up today.. looked out of the window and saw a thick layer of snow!! it’s a pretty sight but worrying as well… hmmm.. snow=cannot drive (we do not have a 4 wheel drive)..to top it up, the city has alot of hills.. imagine… snow and hills don’t go together… according to news, it’s 6inches thick at Redmond (where microsoft is).. nah.. BH’s office is at Seattle.. which is snowing heavily too!!!

haha… so BH is unable to go to work and he’s working from home.. yeah! i’ve gt company today! hee.. and we’re going to check out the park during lunch.. maybe make a snow man or something.. hehe…

one more thing.. the electricity may go out later… so i think i don’t even need to cook lor coz we are using electric stove here..

happy news to share.. we finally found the apartment we want! yeah.. after viewing like 15 apartments.. we found it!!! it’s at Seattle, extremely near the space needle, brand new and it’s a loft!!! Loft = an apartment where there’s 2 levels, upstairs is the bedrm, downstairs is the kitchen and living rm.. hahaha.. it’s damn cool!!! we don’t see this in Singapore.. and to top it up, the roof deck has a spectacular seaview!!! so… we r v excited to move in!!! hehe.. probably move after x’mas!

oh.. and we r going to Las Vegas this saturday and will return next tuesday! hahaha.. staying at MGM Grand and we r gonna strike it big again!!!(yeah right) hahahaha… wish us luck! ;p

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