How we moved?

Moving is such a horrible experience… BH and I are so over it ( maybe not.. we still have some stuff in the OLD apartment!!!)

The truth is.. BH and I are super fortunate.. we have moved house in SG but we were so young tt we can’t recall how it was done… ūüôĀ so we naively thought that moving was like put¬†stuff¬†in¬†the truck and move off… man… we were sooooooooooo wrong..

I¬†felt bad about getting Abel ( our guest!) to help us out.. heh… but he kinda came at the ‘wrong’ time… ya see.. Abel came down from Victoria, BC.. needed a place to stay at Seattle before flying to he was obliged to helped us… Seriously, thank God¬†for sending him to help us… he was such a wonderful¬†mover (¬†he moved hse for¬†his relatives b4)¬†– so he helped us alot with the¬†arranging/packing of things in the truck, so it won’t be damaged in transit…

Without Abel, probably won’t be able to start the truck as well… ya know…¬†It was BH’s st time driving the truck.. geez.. we don’t even know where’s the gears or brake (diff from normal car!)!! So Abel, who drove a lorry before, helped us out! ūüôā

Without Abel, we probably will be living in darkness ( in our bedroom) as well – he helped us to install the ceiling light!

A billion thanks to Abel РThe mover + electrician + photographer!! 


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